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Big3 Media Hot Deal

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on businesses all over America, and even after the shutdown, consumers are hesitant to go out and buy. Smart business owners are finding ways to make their facilities COVID-safe, implementing new rules and installing new fixtures to protect customers and staff from disease spread. These changes are hard to envision, though, and that’s where the power of video marketing comes in. Education is key! If you’ve taken steps to make your business safe for guests, show off your progress in a brief, professional video by Big3 Media. We’ll take customers on a walking tour of your facility so that you can explain what you’re doing to reduce risk and encourage them to get out and buy from you. This limited-time special will provide you with a 30-second video personalized to your business and ready for distribution on your website, email, and social media for just $100 and less than an hour of your time. Email big3mediafl@gmail.com to book your shoot date and get rolling! Open to businesses in Tampa Bay only

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Expires: 12/31/2020